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Australian A2 Cows’ Milk

Traceability From Grass To Tin®

Halal Certified

Led By Science Australia’s First With Added Lactoferrin

Toddler Formula

Australian A2 Cows' Milk

The natural next step to Care A2+ Infant Formulas, uniquely aligned to the nutritional requirements of healthy, active toddlers. First to be made with added Lactoferrin, the protein in breast milk identified as key to the development of the immune system to enable life-long health and wellness. Designed with the right fats at the levels nature intended so to give growing bodies less to grumble about.

Care A2+ Toddler Formula is a next generation in Formula

  • Made from Australian A2-protein milk, used fresh not dried
  • No A1-proteins, just like human breast milk
  • Traceable from Grass-to-Tin®
  • Halal certified with no use of soy oil, palm oil or fish oils
  • Made in Australia with the produce of Australian farms
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Care A2+ Australia's Premium Formula
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Care A2+ Australia's Premium Formula - Made in Australia

1 review for Toddler Formula

  1. Brea Lewis (verified owner)

    This formula has made my transition from breast feeding easy peasy. It’s been really nice to transition onto one without any fuss. It’s been gentle on son’s tummy and provided him all the nutrients he needs. It mixes easily and is super easy to prepare. Highly Recommend

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