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Australian A2 Cows’ Milk

Traceability From Grass To Tin®

Halal Certified

Led By Science Australia’s First With Added Lactoferrin

Follow-On Formula

Australian A2 Cows' Milk

Incorporating unique ingredients, the best support available in Australia for the transition to solids. Care A2+ Follow-on Formula continues on from their Infant Formula improving on the current generation of products in Australia in applying the science for the form of the nutritional components not just the core nutritional needs of an infant’s body so that it sets them up for life-long health and wellness just as nature intended.

Care A2+ Follow-on Formula is a next generation in Formula

  • Made from Australian A2-protein milk, used fresh not dried
  • No A1-proteins, just like human breast milk
  • Traceable from Grass-to-Tin®
  • Halal certified with no use of soy oil, palm oil or fish oils
  • Made in Australia with the produce of Australian farms
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Care A2+ Australia's Premium Formula
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Care A2+ Australia's Premium Formula - Made in Australia

2 reviews for Follow-On Formula

  1. Lyca Vermillion

    I love this formula. This is the only one that doesn’t make my son split up or make his tummy upset. We have tried so many and this one has worked great. I also do love that it doesn’t have any soy oil, palm oil or fish oil.
    It’s very gentle and easy to digest. We are currently using stage 2 (6-12 months)

  2. L. Rivera

    Great Baby Formula! Almost zero metallic taste like other formulas. Baby digests this formula much better and it doesn’t get all foamy like many other formulas. It is a bit gritty when mixing but dissolves well overall.

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