Why choose Care A2+

Care A2+ uses the latest knowledge in nutrition to go above and beyond in every choice it makes to bring you fresher, better products made in Australia.

Made with fresh Australian A2 Milk

We only use fresh milk, single sourced from Australian A2 cows milk from grass pasture fed cows.

Designed to Nourish

Over 30% of parents will turn to formula. Care A2+ formula is made to meet the needs of growing bodies, not just pass minimum standards

Care in every step

Control from Grass to Tin® that you can trace

Naturally kind on tummies

No use of palm, soy or fish oils and only the fats and proteins as nature intended

Truly local

Made with Australian ingredients as much as possible, in Australia by Australians

Care A2+ has given me a sense of comfort because I can see the path the milk took from the farm right to the tin I bought off the shelf. I also love that it's all Aussie Made, just feels good to be supporting our local farmers.

Aleisha - Seaforth


The Products

Infant Formula

Birth to 6 months
Led by Science, starting with fresh Australian A2 cows' milk, made to support the healthy development in the crucial first 6 months as nature intended.

Follow-On Formula

6 - 12 months
Incorporating unique ingredients, the best support available in Australia for the transition to solids.

Toddler Formula

1 - 3 yrs old
The natural next step to Care A2+ Infant Formulas, uniquely aligned to the nutritional requirements of healthy, active toddlers.

What’s in our formula?

Nature has provided the blueprint for building vital little Australians.

The team at Care A2+ started with the mission to care more. Using nature's blueprint, Care A2+ formulas exceed industry standards by uniquely including proteins essential for building a properly functioning immune system and exclude the fats, proteins and allergens nature never intended for our most precious family members. We as parents and caregivers know the challenge, trials and joy in bringing up the newest Australians and Care A2+'s formulas provide health, nourishment, and happiness for key steps in a child’s development journey.

Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

  • Proudly Supporting Australian Farmers And Manufacturers
  • Australian A2 Cows’ Milk
  • Traceability From Grass To Tin®
  • Halal Certified
  • Led By Science
  • Australia’s First With Added Lactoferrin


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Free shipping Australia wide

Ensure your supply never runs dry, delivered directly to your doorstep. We have you covered.

Multi-child discount

Growing families mean twice the love and double the expenses. Take advantage of our formula discounts. We give back to you.

Automated orders, pause or cancel anytime

One less thing to do. Automatic re-ordering ensures you always have enough on hand. We save you time.

Free parenting support from leading experts

It truly takes a village to build a happy, healthy child. Let us be part of your team when you have questions or need advice. We care more.

Live Baby Expert 24/7

Wide awake at night wondering how to soothe your baby? Contact us to speak with a live expert to help you when you need it most. We are here for you.

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The importance of the first 1000 days

How important is my child's first days, months and years?


Breast is best for the development of an infant. We ensure you have the best resources when real life means breastfeeding is a challenge or not an option. We have been there and know the stress and uncertainty when this happens. The lifelong health and wellbeing of children is built in this early period of development, fuelled by their nutrition. This is why we bring to you Care A2+, formulas designed to build strong immune systems.


Uniquely made with ingredients that build the immune system as nature intended.


Using fresh milk to provide full nutritional potential needed for a child's growing body.

Naturally gentle on tummies

Just like mother's breast milk, only includes A2-proteins.



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